What to expect?

Initial Exams are 30-45 minutes long. Dr. Ling will spend as much time as needed in order to allow ample opportunity to take a history, goal-setting, and do a physical examination. Treatment will begin on the first visit unless the severity of the case demands further 

Follow-up visits can vary slightly, with most being scheduled for 15 minutes. This is because we want to give each person exactly what they need, but we also don’t want to be greedy with your time. We know you have a life to get back to. We will do our best to respect your time, but we will not compromise the effectiveness of any one visit.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Spinal adjustments delivered by a chiropractor can have profound effects on health. Dr. Ling can use a wide variety of adjustments and will commonly use his hands to deliver manual adjustments to the spine. The need for a spinal adjustment will be determined by accurately accessing your condition/injury. Dr. Ling will always use the best treatments at his disposal for your care.

If you need an adjustment of any sort, we will discuss that with you. If you require another type of treatment it will be discussed with you as well.

Adjustment Alternatives

Alternatives include a wide range of techniques and modalities. Dr. Ling’s primary choice is MRT (myofascial release) and rehabilitative exercises. Chiropractic is a profession and not just the adjustment. Dr. Ling takes knowledge from numerous sources to make the best treatment for your needs. Progressions from sharp pain , dull pain  and tight require different treatments and it’s vital to assess each region accurately. Adjustments will often not be the only treatment you will receive. We must lower pain, increase range of motion and strengthen your muscles in order to find a long term solution to your pain. Each patient should expect an adjustment to a region, soft tissue/massage work to their muscles, and a set of exercises to work on at home. Additional treatments can include Graston, kinesiology taping, rehab, movement screens, Mckenzie technique, ART. If Dr. Ling cannot help you, he will surely find you the best person who can.

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