Side Pank

Chiropractic and low back pain

The Side plank

Up to 85% of the working population of Canada will experience low back pain during their lifetime(1). It can cost 6 to 12 billion dollars a year in related medical costs, treating low back pain. Strengthening exercises taught to people experiencing low back pain, but people will usually experience pain when they have limited range of motion or when they get tired. For example, we can all move our arm above our head, but holding it there for 5 hours would be difficult and would likely cause pain. It’s the same for the low back, we expect it to hold our upper body up all day long, and eventually it will fail. Whether we’re standing or sitting, we must address the endurance factor of movement before we address pure strength. The side plank is one of three basic exercises that can be effective in resolving low back pain.

Dr. Ling is showing a simple side plank exercise effective at treating and preventing low back pain. If you are in pain, it is important not to avoid exercises like this but change them so they are not painful. One simple modification is to stop your range of motion before you feel any pain. Sharp pains through full range of motion is something we want to avoid. Tightness and soreness is okay but sharp pains are not. If you have questions, book online or call us, we are more than happy to answer questions you may have.

Things to watch out for with this exercise:

  1. Go until you’re tired and feel the burn. I never enjoy specifying 3x10 3x12 because each person is at a different part of their recovery/ In some cases you’ll only be able to do a few where others who want to build endurance can do 20.

  2. Make sure you’re pressing into the surface with your shoulder/elbow. Your elbow needs to be at 90 degrees and so does your shoulder. If you're getting pain/pinches in your shoulder, reposition, so it’s right under you.

  3. It should feel somewhat difficult, go up to where you feel the stress of it. We do not want you moving through painful ranges of motions, but a minor discomfort and stress is great. The body adapts to physical stress and gets stronger from it.

Dr. Ling will examine your low back and determine the best course of action for treatment. This is just one exercise useful in strengthening the low back. Combined with manual therapy, you'll be back on your feet in no time. Book today!